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How to avoid the pitfalls of your natural decision-making process in your business.
Good decision making in any business means avoiding the pitfalls of bad decision making. You might have been lucky in[...]
6 words and endless questions, try it now in your business – success is guaranteed
Asking the right questions at the right time in your business WILL lead you to get the right answers. Getting[...]
Make PRODUCTIVE TIME to focus on achieving your business’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal
Running a business is hard, you have days when you have no time to yourself and if you do find[...]
Time to make customer care pay off for your business, just like it did for Pret a Manger
What happens to your business results when your customers think you do a magical job of taking care of them?[...]
Why changing the way you look at your customer list will change the future of your business…
When was the last time you looked at your customer list? The full list…When you look closely at it you[...]
Reduce the risk to your business by making your website work seamlessly with your marketing…
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How to identify and drive out flawed decision making in your business
Life would be a lot easier if we just knew how to make good decisions but research shows we all[...]
What can you learn from Rudyard Kipling about asking your customers the right questions?
Asking the best questions, in the best way and at the best time has huge potential for changing the results[...]
What happens to your business when you have a clear and compelling goal?
Do you want to move your business forward and distance yourself from the day-to-day grind? To achieve the kind of[...]
Impress or depress a customer – what’s your approach to customer care?
Do you know your customer 'moments of truth' like Scandinavian Airlines do?As a business leader you already know customer care[...]
What happens to the profits of your business when you start to think like IBM?
In 1963 IBM achieved a competitive advantage by applying 80/20 thinking to their business.They realised that 80% of a computer's[...]
Are you missing out on future business because your marketing lacks relevance?
SPAM: Irrelevant messages sent on the internet to many recipients. We all get spam, emails that are irrelevant, potentially containing[...]
What are the four hazards that will derail the decision making in your business?
As a rule, humans don’t have a particularly strong track record of making good decisions. Whether in business or in[...]
The ONE thing that you can do today that will take your business in the right direction
Whether your business is large or small there are constant jobs that need doing by you every day… But if[...]
Identify the 15 magic seconds in your customer’s experience and you can keep them coming back for more…
When Jan Carlzon took over at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) in 1981 the airline was losing money and in danger of[...]
What can business owners learn about 80/20 success from Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto?
The world is unbalanced, the way you live your life is unbalanced, so it stands to reason that the way[...]
What can a TV series teach you about boosting your bottom line?
Are you using email marketing in your business? Does email marketing work for you?If email marketing isn’t working for your[...]
Ask the right questions and unlock profit growth in your business…
From a very early age questions form a part of our everyday life… Children ask a multitude of seemingly irrelevant[...]
Bad business decisions are just so easy to make…
As a business leader, you make decisions every day, some are easy… ​What time shall I organise that meeting? Shall[...]
Ask the right questions at the right time to win (and keep) more customers…
Wouldn’t it be great if more buyers said yes more often to your proposal, your offer and your products? It’s[...]
Want to grow your business? It’s time to stop treading water…
Running your business can be a demanding, exhausting and gruelling affair.But it can also be, and in fact should be,[...]
Time to put your customers first – your business is at risk if you don’t…
Your customers… they are the reason you have a business. Wouldn’t it be great if they could help you grow[...]
Ambitious business owners can’t afford to be wasting 80% of their working week…
Almost every business owner complains about the sheer number of demands on their time. How many times do you get[...]
Why risk the future growth of your business by not taking time to get your marketing right
As a business owner, it’s easy to dismiss email marketing as a thing of the past, in fact some have[...]
What can Tom Cruise tell us about the secret to success in your business?
In the film Live, Die, Repeat – Tom Cruise shows us that to succeed you must fail – repeatedly! A[...]
What trigger gets your customers buying from you every single time?
​ When it comes to making your products or services the ones that your customers choose, and choose habitually, there[...]
Time to start using 4 of the 6 sources of influence to ensure your business wins…
It’s a fact that one or more people in your business are doing things that either hold the business back[...]
Give your products and services a squeaky-clean overhaul just like WD40 did!
How do you make sure you core offer is strong and your business is relevant to your customers? How do[...]
How to build your influence skills and watch your business take off…
You might have a new project or idea for which you need support from your team. Or you might have[...]
Discover the 4-phase process of habit-forming products…
Learning and using the 4-phase process can improve the sales and repeat sales of your products and services It can[...]
How to identify when success for your business is worth the struggle…
Success is about hard work, and as a business owner you know this. You have worked hard to get to[...]
Breathe new life into your business this spring…
It would be a crying shame to miss out on the positivity and renewed enthusiasm that spring brings. It’s encouraging[...]
What happens to the success of your business when you change your routine behaviour?
What is stopping you from changing a bad business habit into a good business habit today? Research shows that when[...]
It’s time for your business to think outside the can, like Heinz did …
When was the last time you took a close look at your marketing activity to see if it really is[...]
5 tips for real habit change in your business…
Changing habits is not easy and requires repeated experiments and failures over time. Let’s look at how you and your[...]
When it comes to rewards, variety is the spice of life!
​ We all like variety, very few like predictability. Even something as simple as a voucher that you receive from[...]
Are you using the 5 triggers to promote real and effective habit change in your business?
Because we are so entrenched and attached to our daily routines both in our personal and professional lives it can[...]
Are your business goals outcome and process driven?
Research strongly suggests that performance and results improve when a difficult SMART Stretch goal is set. So, what is a[...]
Why risk the success of your business by ignoring bad behaviour…
How do you influence the behaviour of some of the most challenging people in your team? You run a successful[...]
Throw smaller and heavier balls in the air in your business and outperform your competition…
As a business owner, you want your business to grow, to be a success, to be better than the competition.[...]
Ask your customers the ultimate ‘sausage’ question and transform your business just like Heinz did…
As a business owner, how often do you talk to your customers? Before you launched your last marketing plan did[...]
Goal setting – the clearest way to measure the success of your company
Most business owners when they go into business have one goal, to make enough money to survive the first month![...]
Apply 4 out of these 6 sources of influence to transform behaviour in your business…
"The most important capacity we possess is our ability to influence ourselves and others. Learn to see every important challenge[...]
Don’t waste your hard-earned profits on marketing ‘sizzle’ – spend it on marketing ‘sausages’!
When was the last time you took a close look at your marketing activity to see if it is really[...]
Kick start habit change in your business – make it personal…
Which daily business habits do you have? Driving to work the same way? Parking in the same spot? Having a[...]
Old habits in your business don’t die hard …
BE WARNED – old habits don’t die hard! They are waiting in the shadows of new habits to trip you[...]
Influencing behaviour in your business – lessons learned from gangland criminals
Influencing habitual long term behaviour change is not easy, it’s complicated, it’s time consuming...Most behaviour change fails because we look[...]
How do you keep your customers hooked on you?
You have a smartphone; you check it regularly (more often than you probably think) and you have several apps that[...]
Use the skills of ‘deep practice’ to build a faster, better brain…
Deep practice works, ignore it and your business will not move forward. Embrace it and not only will you grow[...]