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4 helping hands to help you build a better business brain and better business results
Most people at work at some point complain that they have too much to do and just can’t fit anymore[...]
The key to great delegation and initiative in your business
You can’t take on more responsibility and more jobs unless you are willing to delegate to others. But that doesn’t[...]
Time to start seeing your internal meetings as an opportunity for growth in your business…
Do you think your internal business meetings are delivering your business the results it deserves?Internal meetings within your business should[...]
Time to understand the vital impact of the 2 mindsets in your business…
In her many years of research Carol S Dweck, author of the best-selling book ‘Mindset – challenging the way you[...]
4 ways to ensure successful negotiation in your business…
Negotiation is part of our everyday lives. We negotiate with our kids about homework, with a builder about the cost[...]
Here are 4 helping hands to ensure successful recruitment
It pays to consider the time, money and lost performance associated with recruiting and training new people. It can be[...]
Make prioritising a priority in your business
Your pre-frontal cortex is the 4% of your brain that when used as nature intended will deliver you the business[...]
5 simple steps on a delegation ladder to ensure your business succeeds
How often do you delegate tasks in your business and what are they?Are they the mundane tasks that you just[...]
What happens to your internal meetings when you encourage debate?
It’s true, no-one really likes conflict…However, when you are making high-stakes decisions you don’t want passive bystanders who just readily[...]
Discover the 4 ‘mindset-steps’ to long-term business success
If you were asked whether you had a fixed mindset or a growth mindset what would you say?Would anyone want[...]
Hunt for multiple options for negotiation success…
When thinking about the outcomes of a negotiation, thinking in a binary ‘either/or’ or ‘yes/no’ way will likely reduce the[...]
Recruitment for your business should be a team effort…
Have you ever recruited someone that has turned out to be a disaster?Someone that you thought would be a perfect[...]
Build and use a better business brain by being a better stage director
Learning to focus and make the most of the 4% of your brain that is your prefrontal cortex is essential[...]
Initiative is a risky business – how do you react to mistakes?
Which do you use in your business? The Delegation ladder or the Initiative ladder?Is the answer both?If the answer is[...]
Movie magic and meeting magic comes from conflict…
Because you want your business to succeed, you want to make great decisions that have the full support of your[...]
What can Michael Jordan teach your business about the right mindset?
Creating a growth mindset in your business will enhance motivation and productivity.It has also proved to be successful in the[...]
Let silence be the winner for successful negotiations in your business…
Negotiations can often create strong and negative emotions and feelings.How have your business negotiations gone in the past?Have you been[...]
Your interview process can make or break the success of your business
In any recruitment process the 1st interview is a crucial step.This will probably be the first time you have met[...]
Are you paying enough attention to the most powerful asset you have?
Running a successful business, you are busy… too busy probably.You probably (always) have far too much to do…Just dealing with[...]
Ascend the delegation ladder with your team and watch your business grow…
Have you ever got frustrated because you gave a simple job to one of your team and wished you’d done[...]
To meet or not to meet – make your decision and avoid the meeting
Decisions – they are so easy to make. We make them all the time in our personal life…Shall I have[...]
The DVLA, the unlikely pioneer of the business growth mindset…
Recent advances in the study of the brain have shown the brain to be far more elastic that we previously[...]
When it comes to negotiation – three isn’t a crowd…
Dealing with any negotiation can often be aggravated by the negotiating partners taking things personally or not understanding each other’s[...]
Hire the right person by profiling them first
Hiring the right employees can make or break your business. The recruitment process is stressful, you already know this.You and[...]
Use your brain the way nature intended for the best business results…
When you do more work and better work in less time you will better impress your customers, win more customers[...]
Get more from your people by encouraging initiative in your business
You love it when a team member uses their initiative – every manager loves employees with initiative!When one of your[...]
Discover the 3 grades of decision making that will transform your internal meetings…
There is a general belief in the business world that most internal meetings are pointless and result in little or[...]
How can ‘Kaizen’ positively influence the success of your business?
How does change happen within your business?Is it through several targeted initiatives or part of your everyday work?Your business success[...]
Achieve successful negotiation by asking great questions…
Good negotiations will contribute significantly to your business success, so it pays to take them seriously.If you go to the[...]
A proven interviewing process for hiring superstars in your business
Like many business owners or managers, do you find the recruitment process a lottery?What’s clear is, for your business success,[...]
Actively focus your business brain for the best business results
Multi-tasking…If you ask most members of your team, they will say they multi-task regularly – they want to sound productive,[...]
Encourage initiative in your team to drive success in your business
Initiative - the power and ability to follow the task through energetically and show enterprise and determination in performing the[...]
Use your time wisely – make your internal business meetings matter
How do the internal meetings that happen within your business make you feel?Are you concerned that they seem to be[...]
What happens to your business success when you start to take the mindset of your team seriously?
You know that the success of your business comes from your ability to be able to grow, develop and move[...]
How can camels help you become better at negotiating?
You know how important successful negotiation is to your business and that successful negotiation is a method by which people[...]
Your business succeeds when you recruit the right people
Wouldn’t it be great if you consistently hired the right person for the right position?Even better when these people go[...]
How to set your brain up to run a successful business
Are you fatigued with the sheer effort that it takes to run your business?Keeping your business profitable is probably the[...]
Tricks for successful delegation in your business
Delegation – something that nearly every manager or business owner talks about doing, but rarely does well.How many times have[...]
Are you having the life sucked out of you in your internal business meetings?
Internal meetings are the lifeblood of every business.Several meetings probably take place in your business every day.Many people view them[...]
Mindset matters – what impact is your mindset having on your business?
I am sure like every business owner you have doubts.Doubts that you are:taking your business in the right directionrecruiting the[...]
Start looking for win-win negotiations in your business.
Whether you love it or hate it negotiating is a part of everyday life, whether it’s discussing who drives on[...]
Use this 6-step process to hire the perfect person for the job, your team and your business…
Hiring the right people is crucial to the success of your business.Recruiting the right person is undoubtedly one of the[...]
Use this 4-part checklist and make more profitable decisions in your business.
In their book Decisive – How to make better decisions Chip and Dan Heath put it simply:‘When it comes to[...]
Make well-crafted questions work for you and your business and have more buyers say yes…
Well crafted questions will massively improve your conversations with your customers and prospects.But how well do you prepare for your[...]
Why risk the profits of your business – be single minded about your ‘one thing’
It’s so easy to let the many varied day-to-day jobs of running your business dominate your working life.Only when you[...]
Are you risking the success of your business by sidestepping customer care…
You might not think you need to invest in the care of your customers, you might think that they are[...]
Here’s how you achieve ‘80/20 wins’ from your use of time…
Your time is precious, so how do you avoid wasting up to 80% of your working week?Who’d choose to work[...]
How can email marketing yield a serious payoff for you and your business?
If great email marketing can earn a business £34 for every £1 spent on it (statistic: Experian) wouldn’t it make[...]
You were probably guilty of ‘overconfidence’ in the last business decision you made?
We are all guilty of overconfidence. We naturally assume that we know more than we actually do and jump to[...]
Gain a competitive edge using well crafted questions…
To get the answers you want from any discussion it is important to know that there are two fundamental types[...]
Start building consistent momentum towards success in your business…
Real life business success shows the power of small daily steps. The power of consistent daily action to create momentum[...]
Here’s how to create magical moments of truth for your customers
Taking customers for granted is a recipe for lost profits and ultimately business failure…BUT…Get your people involved in delivering the[...]
80/20 – ignore it and your profits suffer
Its easy to dismiss the 80/20 principle as just another business gimmick...But, if it worked 100 years ago to decide[...]
How can you use email to convert prospects into customers and grow your business?
Some people in the content marketing industry are saying that email lists are a thing of the past and that[...]
Use the 10/10/10 question process to make better decisions in your business…
Your emotions have an impact on the business decisions you make.This is not a bad thing, but the key is[...]
Use a yes-tag question and change the outcome of conversations with your customers…
Asking the right questions transforms the conversations you have with your customers.Asking the right questions builds better relationships with your[...]
How can Ed Sheeran’s BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) help your business succeed?
Whether you like Ed Sheeran’s music or not, you will have heard of him. He is, without doubt, currently the[...]
Avoid lost profits in your business and encourage a culture of customer care…
Customers will only receive the level of care they expect if every member of your team understands that the needs[...]
How can the sales of carpet tiles influence the way you sell your products and services?
The 80-20 rule in business means that 20% of your time should be spent on the areas of your business[...]
Find, catch and keep your customers with smarter email marketing
You might be using email marketing to let your customers know about your products and services, but are you actively[...]
How to avoid the pitfalls of your natural decision-making process in your business.
Good decision making in any business means avoiding the pitfalls of bad decision making.You might have been lucky in the[...]
6 words and endless questions, try it now in your business – success is guaranteed
Asking the right questions at the right time in your business WILL lead you to get the right answers.Getting the[...]
Make PRODUCTIVE TIME to focus on achieving your business’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal
Running a business is hard, you have days when you have no time to yourself and if you do find[...]
Time to make customer care pay off for your business, just like it did for Pret a Manger
What happens to your business results when your customers think you do a magical job of taking care of them?You[...]
Why changing the way you look at your customer list will change the future of your business…
When was the last time you looked at your customer list? The full list…When you look closely at it you[...]
Reduce the risk to your business by making your website work seamlessly with your marketing…
Your website – if you are serious about growing your business with the right marketing, your website will be where[...]
How to identify and drive out flawed decision making in your business
Life would be a lot easier if we just knew how to make good decisions but research shows we all[...]
What can you learn from Rudyard Kipling about asking your customers the right questions?
Asking the best questions, in the best way and at the best time has huge potential for changing the results[...]
What happens to your business when you have a clear and compelling goal?
Do you want to move your business forward and distance yourself from the day-to-day grind?To achieve the kind of business[...]
Impress or depress a customer – what’s your approach to customer care?
Do you know your customer 'moments of truth' like Scandinavian Airlines do?As a business leader you already know customer care[...]
What happens to the profits of your business when you start to think like IBM?
In 1963 IBM achieved a competitive advantage by applying 80/20 thinking to their business.They realised that 80% of a computer's[...]
Are you missing out on future business because your marketing lacks relevance?
SPAM: Irrelevant messages sent on the internet to many recipients.We all get spam, emails that are irrelevant, potentially containing a[...]
What are the four hazards that will derail the decision making in your business?
As a rule, humans don’t have a particularly strong track record of making good decisions.Whether in business or in our[...]
The ONE thing that you can do today that will take your business in the right direction
Whether your business is large or small there are constant jobs that need doing by you every day…But if all[...]
Identify the 15 magic seconds in your customer’s experience and you can keep them coming back for more…
When Jan Carlzon took over at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) in 1981 the airline was losing money and in danger of[...]
What can business owners learn about 80/20 success from Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto?
The world is unbalanced, the way you live your life is unbalanced, so it stands to reason that the way[...]
What can a TV series teach you about boosting your bottom line?
Are you using email marketing in your business? Does email marketing work for you?If email marketing isn’t working for your[...]
Ask the right questions and unlock profit growth in your business…
From a very early age questions form a part of our everyday life…Children ask a multitude of seemingly irrelevant and[...]
Bad business decisions are just so easy to make…
As a business leader, you make decisions every day, some are easy…​What time shall I organise that meeting?Shall I work[...]
Ask the right questions at the right time to win (and keep) more customers…
Wouldn’t it be great if more buyers said yes more often to your proposal, your offer and your products?It’s disheartening[...]
Want to grow your business? It’s time to stop treading water…
Running your business can be a demanding, exhausting and gruelling affair.But it can also be, and in fact should be,[...]
Time to put your customers first – your business is at risk if you don’t…
Your customers… they are the reason you have a business.Wouldn’t it be great if they could help you grow your[...]
Ambitious business owners can’t afford to be wasting 80% of their working week…
Almost every business owner complains about the sheer number of demands on their time.How many times do you get to[...]
Why risk the future growth of your business by not taking time to get your marketing right
As a business owner, it’s easy to dismiss email marketing as a thing of the past, in fact some have[...]
What can Tom Cruise tell us about the secret to success in your business?
In the film Live, Die, Repeat – Tom Cruise shows us that to succeed you must fail – repeatedly! A[...]
What trigger gets your customers buying from you every single time?
When it comes to making your products or services the ones that your customers choose, and choose habitually, there is[...]
Time to start using 4 of the 6 sources of influence to ensure your business wins…
It’s a fact that one or more people in your business are doing things that either hold the business back[...]
Give your products and services a squeaky-clean overhaul just like WD40 did!
How do you make sure you core offer is strong and your business is relevant to your customers? How do[...]
How to build your influence skills and watch your business take off…
You might have a new project or idea for which you need support from your team.Or you might have a[...]
Discover the 4-phase process of habit-forming products…
Learning and using the 4-phase process can improve the sales and repeat sales of your products and servicesIt can help[...]
How to identify when success for your business is worth the struggle…
Success is about hard work, and as a business owner you know this. You have worked hard to get to[...]
Breathe new life into your business this spring…
It would be a crying shame to miss out on the positivity and renewed enthusiasm that spring brings.It’s encouraging to[...]
What happens to the success of your business when you change your routine behaviour?
What is stopping you from changing a bad business habit into a good business habit today?Research shows that when most[...]
It’s time for your business to think outside the can, like Heinz did …
When was the last time you took a close look at your marketing activity to see if it really is[...]
5 tips for real habit change in your business…
Changing habits is not easy and requires repeated experiments and failures over time.Let’s look at how you and your team[...]
When it comes to rewards, variety is the spice of life!
We all like variety, very few like predictability. Even something as simple as a voucher that you receive from a[...]
Are you using the 5 triggers to promote real and effective habit change in your business?
Because we are so entrenched and attached to our daily routines both in our personal and professional lives it can[...]
Are your business goals outcome and process driven?
Research strongly suggests that performance and results improve when a difficult SMART Stretch goal is set.So, what is a stretch[...]
Why risk the success of your business by ignoring bad behaviour…
How do you influence the behaviour of some of the most challenging people in your team?You run a successful business…now[...]
Throw smaller and heavier balls in the air in your business and outperform your competition…
As a business owner, you want your business to grow, to be a success, to be better than the competition.[...]
Ask your customers the ultimate ‘sausage’ question and transform your business just like Heinz did…
As a business owner, how often do you talk to your customers? Before you launched your last marketing plan did[...]
Goal setting – the clearest way to measure the success of your company
Most business owners when they go into business have one goal, to make enough money to survive the first month!Its[...]
Apply 4 out of these 6 sources of influence to transform behaviour in your business…
"The most important capacity we possess is our ability to influence ourselves and others. Learn to see every important challenge[...]
Time to make your customers’ habits habitual
To truly hook your customer, you must manage their ability to act and motivate them into action. Your aim is[...]
Don’t waste your hard-earned profits on marketing ‘sizzle’ – spend it on marketing ‘sausages’!
When was the last time you took a close look at your marketing activity to see if it is really[...]
Kick start habit change in your business – make it personal…
Which daily business habits do you have? Driving to work the same way? Parking in the same spot? Having a[...]
Old habits in your business don’t die hard …
BE WARNED – old habits don’t die hard!They are waiting in the shadows of new habits to trip you up[...]
Influencing behaviour in your business – lessons learned from gangland criminals
Influencing habitual long term behaviour change is not easy, it’s complicated, it’s time consuming...Most behaviour change fails because we look[...]
How do you keep your customers hooked on you?
You have a smartphone; you check it regularly (more often than you probably think) and you have several apps that[...]
Use the skills of ‘deep practice’ to build a faster, better brain…
Deep practice works, ignore it and your business will not move forward. Embrace it and not only will you grow[...]
What happens when you take the ‘Persil’ approach to the value of your business’s core offer?
Persil is a household name and a recognised brand, but is their sausage worth all the sizzle?In 2005 David Arkwright[...]
Change the habits holding your business back
Wouldn’t it be great if every day and every week you achieved greater results from your business?What you achieve in[...]
Che Guevara, revolutionary leader, suggested that we all should “dream the impossible to make dreams a reality”.
Are you?Are you dreaming the impossible for 2017 or 2018?Yes, you love it when your team achieves a business goal,[...]
How ‘Deep Practice’ guarantees your business a competitive edge…
As the saying goes practice makes perfect.You already know in this fast-moving business world that you need to improve just[...]
Are Usain Bolt’s genes overrated?
The science of success suggests that genes have little to do with success…But is this true?Jamaica is the home of[...]
How do you get the most stubborn people in the world to help your business win?
As a business leader or manager, one of your jobs is to solve difficult issues and problems.This requires you to[...]
Effective influencing is all about motivation and ability
Your business must respond to changing markets, technical advances and customer demands if it is to survive…But sometimes it is[...]
Are old habits holding back your business success?
With so many competitors out there it’s essential that you and your business stand out in order to be a[...]
The true power of a habit is to make the behaviour automatic
Habits are a big deal in our lives because about 45% of what we do every day that sort of[...]
How ambitious should your business be at generating new customer leads?
Goal setting is generally accepted as good practice in sport.Goal setting is also accepted as good practice in business too[...]
How can a lesson in marketing from an interior designer boost the profits of your business?
Understanding the success of your brand and its relevance to your customers is vital to the long-term growth and success[...]
Using the right hook to secure your customer is all about using the right formula
Habit: noun – something that you do often or regularly, often without thinking about it.We all have habits, they can[...]
Reach, repeat and fail to ensure business success
Can you name 5 world class sportsmen? Even if you don’t follow sport, the answer is likely to be yes.Because[...]
What happens to the profits of your business when you get your core offer right?
Go here to read how to make your core offer appeal to your customers and make your sausage the one[...]
Make checklists habitual and tick your way to business success…
Do you really want your business critical tasks to happen without a checklist?To begin with, using a checklist may feel[...]
Face-up to difficult conversations with your team and you break down the barriers to progress …
When a difficult conversation is looming you must choose to deal with it or drop it.If you decide to drop it[...]
Measure what matters most and future proof your business…
I am sure you are familiar with KPIs – Key Performance Indicators, they help you measure whether your business is[...]
What can business owners learn from GE and Jack Welch about stretch goals?
Scientific research and practical experiences at Jack Welch’s GE, suggest discomfort is the emotion you should feel about the goals[...]
When you use a 1-page performance review process you build a stronger, committed and more efficient team
​You have probably been using the same system for performance appraisals for many years, and on some level, it has[...]
How do you make your pricing structure irresistible to your customers?
Whether you're an MD for a multi-million-pound company or the owner of a hairdressers salon on the high street. Pricing[...]
Catapult the fortunes of your business by following this proven pattern for successful change…
If Jerry Sternin, with the odds truly stacked against him, can change the lives of 2.2 million people in Vietnam,[...]
Time to stop losing sleep over near misses (or worse) in your business…
Your business will avoid mistakes and see results improve when you habitually use checklists for your business critical tasks.Lead from the[...]
What do you have to do to get bigger better buy-in from your employees?
Feelings are an unavoidable part of every difficult conversation. Fail to get your colleague to express their feelings and they[...]
Why risk the health of your business by measuring the wrong things?
Why would any business owner only look back at their business’s previous results?What happens if you start measuring the actions[...]
6 easy ways you could be regularly undermining your own business without realising…
As a business owner, you already know the importance of recruiting capable staff and providing them with the training and[...]
4 tried and tested ways to ensure you master the science of pricing…
Mastering the science of pricing and applying it to your business is a source of far greater profits. McKinsey, the[...]
Successful change is easy when you manage and stick to these 3 principles…
Leading and managing change is a critical skill for any successful business. Change management entails thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation. Above[...]
Can you apply the same value to your appraisal process as Timpsons the Cobblers?
Your appraisal process needs to work for your business, therefore it must suit the culture of your business.Done right the[...]
Handle difficult conversations successfully with these 10 dos and don’ts …
Like any difficult conversation, there are skills to handling it well, however when you are in the heat of the[...]
Do you really want your business critical tasks to happen without a checklist?
To begin with using a checklist may feel alien to you but even if you think you know which tasks[...]
How can a RIDER on an ELEPHANT on a PATH lead your business to successful change?
The memorable 3-part pattern works!Change when successfully managed can lead to dramatic results. For the best results Jonathan Haidt, an[...]
How can you help keep your business afloat with pricing anchors
Anchoring is profoundly important to pricing for profit. Here’s why…A product is never really ‘cheap’ or ‘expensive’ it’s all relative.[...]
A simple appraisal process enables both parties to feel a sense of accomplishment…
​Managing employees’ performance reviews is an integral part of the work that all managers must undertake throughout the year.When did[...]
What would make your ‘business canary’ fall off it’s perch?
What happens to your business results when you start to measure the numbers that matter most to your customers?You'll know[...]
Seek out the 3 truths in any conversation and turn conflict into resolution in your business
Think of a conversation you have been putting off…. Got it…This is a time when you know you should talk[...]
Would you allow a surgeon to operate on you without the WHO checklist?
You wouldn’t dream of climbing on board an aircraft if you knew the pilot was going to ignore the pre-flight[...]
Are you doing what you have always done in your business?
​We all manage change every day in our personal lives, leaving home, going to University, getting married, buying a house,[...]
Master the science of top-down 3-tier pricing and seriously boost your business profits
Pricing does not have to be complicated.In fact if it is your buyers will lose interest as they struggle to[...]
Treat difficult conversations as learning conversations and build a happy and successful business.
We all want our business to be as successful as possible, you want the best team, the best products and[...]
Use cleverer KPIs…
In 1994 Continental Airlines was failing miserably. In the previous decade it had filed for bankruptcy twice.But then Gordon Bethune[...]
Why should you make appraisals a critical, non-negotiable part of your business calendar?
Does anyone really relish the idea of appraisals or performance reviews? Let’s be honest most of us don’t.  Mostly because[...]
Saving lives is a serious business…
You, me, everybody would prefer not to follow a checklist, yet they keep us alive in many walks of life.[...]
To change is human
When we manage change within our personal life we automatically manage it in a way that is achievable and realistic,[...]
Make the right pricing choice and give your buyers a sense of control
We all like choice, too much choice can be mind boggling and overwhelming but we also don’t want to be[...]
Does your business’s appraisal process motivate or demotivate your people?
​It pays to take your appraisal or performance review process seriously. Probably more seriously that you do now.Your businesses approach[...]
KPIs that work
KPIs that work for your business are not key PERFORMANCE indicators – they are key PREDICTIVE indicators. They predict your[...]
Difficult conversations should never undermine the success of your business…
Nobody likes the idea of confrontation, in fact most of us avoid it, but not all difficult conversations have to[...]
You make or break your business depending on whether you take 3 checklists seriously enough?
You, me, everybody would prefer not to follow a checklist, yet they keep us alive in many walks of life.[...]
Stand still and you lose, embrace change and your business wins…
Here is a great ‘successful change’ story involving Jerry Sternin, who arrived in Vietnam in 1991 with his young family.[...]
Can a 1% price increase really deliver an 11% profit increase
​It is proven that the fastest and most effective way for any business to realise its maximum profit is to[...]